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10 reasons why you should participate in the Red Bank Food & Wine Walk

The second Red Bank Food & Wine Walk for the season just happened yesterday, with participants getting treated to an assortment of lite bites and refreshments. In total, there were 27 local businesses that participated in the event, covering most of Red Bank’s downtown district.

If you didn’t participate in this most recent one, don’t worry because there are still two dates left this season – September 16th and October 21st! For those of you on the fence, however, here are 10 reasons why you should participate in the Red Bank Food & Wine Walk, which are arranged in no particular order.

Scroll through the gallery to find out what they are, but also don’t forget to check out all the photos we captured recently as well!

Social activity with friends

Bring your friends because the more, the merrier. Not only is this a great activity for couples, but it’s made better being able to enjoy the experience while socializing with friends. You can even debate over what was the best thing you ate!

It’s $35 per person to participate

For the amount of places to visit, the $35 cost to participate in the Red Bank Food & Wine Walk is a pretty good deal. It’s like you’re getting a 5-course meal, but spread out over the course of 3 hours. If you manage to stop by each and every place during that time, that’s an impressive feat!

Sightseeing through downtown Red Bank

Sure, you’ll get the chance to dine on several mouth-watering lite bites, but another aspect of the Food & Wine Walk is getting to see more of downtown Red Bank. It’s a sprawling area filled with many boutiques, shops, restaurants, and much more! You can even meet some of the owners, who were also helping out to serve out samples during the event. There are even some cool artwork murals you can snap photos at in town.

Sweet pastries

If you have a sweet tooth, don’t worry because you can satisfy that craving during the Red Bank Food & Wine Walk. That’s because there are a few places that’ll offer something for the occasion – like the cupcakes from either Sugarush and The Cupcake Magician, or the various parties that Antoinette Boulangerie offers.

Getting a dose of caffeine

Eating savory foods and drinking wine can be hard work, so why not keep yourself energized with some caffeine? You’ll get a dose of that as well during the Food & Wine Walk, seeing that local coffee shops like Rook Coffee and Starbucks were serving up some specialty samples at their respective locations.

Refreshing lite bites for the season

While some locations offered their regular menu items, some places cooked up dishes that are ideal for the season. Take The Cheese Cave and The Spice & Tea Exchange of Red Bank, which offered summer-inspired bites like heirloom tomato & mozzarella and Bloody Mary Gazpacho respectively. They’re ideal for those warm summer days!

Plenty of variety

Quite simply, you’ll cover the gamut when participating in the Red Bank Food & Wine Walk. From appetizers, to main course samples, and even some sweet stuff that’s perfect for dessert, there’s just a ton of variety.

Beer & mixed drinks are offered as well

If you’re not a wine drinker, don’t worry because there are other refreshments to drink. The Robinson Ale House served up samples of its signature Robinson Ale, while places like Jamian’s Food & Drink featured a mixed cocktail drink.

Comfort foods

Nothing’s more satisfying and hits the spot than comfort foods. There’s certainly plenty of that available at the Food & Wine Walk! Take for example the spicy chili mac & cheese from The Robinson Ale House, or the amazing lobster mac & cheese from The Boondocks Fishery.

Unique creations

Every now and then, you’ll also come across culinary creations prepared by renowned chefs. They’re not your typical samples you’d expect to find, so it’s satisfying to still find them here. The Bistro at Red Bank was serving Mongolian beef with cheddar grits, which was an explosion of taste. Danny’s Steakhouse and The Downtown also cooked up some interesting stuff for the Food & Wine Walk as well!


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