A night of fun & cupcake making at The Vintage Cake’s Bordeaux & Bake class


In celebrating National S’mores Day last Friday, August 10th, the Atlantic Highlands based The Vintage Cake hosted a “Bordeaux and Bake” class where participants got the chance to bake some delicious s’mores cupcakes.

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The Vintage Cake is located at 171 First Avenue in Atlantic Highlands, NJ.

Owners Gina Broschart and Nancy Lee hosted the unique event at the bakery’s location on 171 First Avenue in Atlantic Highlands, NJ. With their guidance and years of expertise in the pastry industry, the two professional chefs helped to guide participants in creating s’mores cupcakes, which everyone got to take home.

Thankfully, you didn’t need to have a whole lot of experience, seeing that every step was overseen by the two chefs. What was really neat about the entire experience was in how they provided insights to best practices when it comes to baking. If you’re a novice, or rarely have the time to bake, they made the instructions concise and clear for just about anyone to follow.

What was the best part in all of it? Of course the delicious and flavorful s’mores cupcakes that everyone created from scratch and got to take home. Proving to be a success, the pair intends on offering more of these hands-on classes in the future, so keep an eye out for them!

Don’t forget to check out all the photos, as well as our video from the event!

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