3rd annual community mural project in Red Bank nearing completion despite rain delays


If you’ve cruised down the entire length of Broad Street on the north bound side, then you’ve probably seen a colorful looking masterpiece at some point. Situated at 97 Broad Street, the latest community mural has been painted, adding yet another colorful scenery to Red Bank’s sprawling downtown district – supplementing the two others created from previous years.

3rd annual community mural painting Indie Street Film Festival 2 of 36

With the help of local youths and arts organizations, the 3rd annual community mural project is nearing completion – and that’s despite the rain delays that occurred. Coinciding with the annual Indie Street Film Festival, which runs from July 25th to 29th, this year’s mural was designed by muralist Ron Haywood Jones.

When talking about the mural’s creation, Indie Street Film Festival creative director, Jay Webb, says, “My favorite part about organizing this type of event is really just seeing the smiles on the kids faces and hearing what they have to say when they see the final product. And they really feel like they were a part  of something bigger than themselves and everyone comes together to create. And no matter what that is, it’s a beautiful thing.

Don’t forget to check out all the pictures from the event below, as well as our video above interviewing Jay Webb and Ron Haywood Jones.

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