Red Bank Pulse Spotlight: Bogeyman at Trap Door Escape Room


Puzzle solving sleuths will surely be put to the test in one of the most frightening escape room experiences in-and-around the Jersey Shore area, Bogeyman, which is the latest experience that’s being offered at the Trap Door Escape Room in Red Bank, NJ.

We recently checked out the experience, which will have you and your friends solving puzzles to uncover the whereabouts of children who were abducted by the so-called Bogeyman. Obviously, the clock’s running down from the moment you start the experience, so you’ll really need to collaborate with your friends in order to solve the puzzles.

One of the most dynamic aspects about Bogeyman is the atmosphere of how the escape rooms are laid out. Without spoiling much of the experience, there are moments when you’re jolted becauce of something popping up from the darkness – or that gut feeling someone or something is hiding behind a door.

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Bogeyman at the Trap Door Escape Room in Red Bank has an Escape Attraction rating of PG-13, making it a suspenseful experience you’ll remember.

Trust us, you’ll have a ton of fun checking out Bogeyman, which has an Escape Attraction rating of PG-13. We suggest, too, that you try out the experience with “full fear” because you’ll really get a sense of fearing the Bogeyman!

Don’t forget to check out all the pictures from our visit below, as well as our video above that highlights the experience. If you’re interested in checking it out, you can reserve a slot through its web site or on-location at 60 White Street in Red Bank, NJ.


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