Lady K’s Bake Shop officially opens its doors for business in Red Bank

You’ve seen the signs for quite some time, but the time is finally here. Lady K’s Bake Shop has officially opened its doors for business in Red Bank – and boy was it worth the wait!

Lady K’s Bake Shop is located at 4B West Front Street in Red Bank, NJ.

Nestled at the crossroads of Front Street and Broad Street, 4B West Front Street to be exact, Lady K’s Bake Shop specializes in small pastries ranging from cupcakes, croissants, brownies, and macarons. But it doesn’t end there! You can also grab a cappuccino while you’re there, and if you have a special occasion coming up, they also specialize in creating custom designer cakes.

Lady K owner and baker, Kayla Barbuto, is passionate about the craft, but more importantly, she’s equally as passionate about being located in Red Bank. Barbuto, who hails from Marlboro, had a lot of things to say about Red Bank, saying that, “You know, I’ve been coming to Red Bank since I was little. And for some reason, it has always drawn to me, the fact it’s like a small cute town and that there’s foot traffic, and that there are just so many unique stores that you can’t find anywhere else here. I love it here.

Check out all the photos below from our recent visit, as well as the video above that highlights Lady K’s Bake Shop!

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