Our most recent pictures from happy hour at The Downtown

Happy hour at The Downtown, it’s a customary thing if you’ve been in Red Bank for quite some time. In this latest happy hour endeavour, we sampled some of the latest dishes off its menu. They include the following:

  • Chicken Lettuce Wraps – 12.
    stir fry chicken, red onion, cabbage,red bell pepper, cilantro and carrot served with boston lettuce cups
  • Quesadilla – 12.
    cajun chicken, creamed spinach, shredded plain cheddar and pepper jack, tomato and red onion. chicken and cheese quesadilla available upon request – .10
  • Short Rib Grill Cheese – 15.
    smoked gouda, arugula and slow cooked shredded short ribs on sourdough

As always, check out the pictures below to see what’s in store in your future if you plan on going there for happy hour!



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