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Red Bank Chocolate Shoppe: Homemade chocolate made with love in Red Bank

There’s something to say about a business that’s been in town for over 17 years now! Considering the kind of changes that can occur in such a time, it’s a testament to how the Red Bank Chocolate Shoppe continues to thrive.

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The Red Bank Chocolate Shoppe is located at 17 White Street in Red Bank, NJ.

Naturally, you can buy chocolates almost anywhere, especially the brand named ones. From the local groceries, to the vast convenience stores around, and even some retail outlets, they’re readily available. But not all of them are prepared with love, the kind that is put into the homemade chocolates out of 17 White Street in Red Bank, NJ.

Entering the Red Bank Chocolate Shoppe, you’re instantly transported into chocolate heaven, as they sell a multitude of sweets covering the gamut. What’s especially notable is in the way they’re prepared all by hand from store owner Amy Berry. And of course, there’s plenty of taste and flavor in the creations!

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You can make your own custom chocolate boxes as well!

Don’t forget to check out all of our photos below from our recent visit! And when that urge for sweets comes at you, then it’d be a great idea to swing by the Red Bank Chocolate Shoppe to satisfy it.


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