Joel McFadden Designs: The Art of Jewelry


There are jewelers, and then there are custom jewelers. What makes the latter unique is in that they can express their creativity to fit the needs and wants of each customer. And you know what? That’s exactly what you’ll experience at Joel McFadden Designs, which is located at 64 White Street in Red Bank, NJ.

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Joel McFadden Designs is located at 64 White Street in Red Bank, NJ.

Head design and owner, Joel McFadden, has been a jeweler since 1972. It’s a special kind of craft that not only require meticulous attention to detail, but expressive thought and creativity to make each and every piece priceless to their customers. “The true value of jewelry is not the metal and minerals, it’s the sentimental value that’s attached to it,” says Joel McFadden.

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“The best thing about being a custom jeweler, as opposed to a jeweler, is that we don’t ever repeat anything, so every piece we make is made specifically for a specific customer.”

Entering the fine jewelry design studio, you’re instantly in view of all the machines that help them to craft their custom pieces. However, there’s also the creation process that’s done behind closed doors, as they leverage CAD software to help with the pre-production designing.


From beginning to end, the experience in creating a custom piece of jewelry is something that’s sparked by imagination – and eventually brought to life with their masterful artistry. Don’t forget to check out the video above and all the photos below to see the art of jewelry by Joel McFadden Designs.



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