Birravino: Happy hour finally!

We’ve dined at Birravino several times in the past, including checking out its new outdoor beer garden as well over the summer, but we have never technically experienced its happy hour. Well, that all changed last Friday night, when we finally got our opportunity!

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Birravino’s happy hour menu as of September 24, 2017.

Its happy hour menu consists of a variety of menu options. From appetizers to some of its pizzas, there’s a fair amount of things to snack on for happy hour. And if that’s not enough for you, there’s also an assortment of drinks and cocktails to choose from for the occasion.


One of the best things about happy hour at Birravino is the ambiance. The soft glow from the overhead lights add an element of warmth to the atmosphere, which is perfect for that after work kind of mood.

Don’t forget to look over all the pictures from our most recent visit below!


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