Outdoor Family BBQ, Music, & Game Show Night with RBBEA & AVID

Back-to-school is right around the corner for many, but there’s going to be some fun surrounding it in the near future. And why’s that?

Well, there’s going to be an outdoor family BBQ and game show night on Tuesday, September 5th, to welcome back students and families. It’s being organized by the RBBEA (Red Bank Borough Education Association) and AVID. This nighttime event will feature BBQ, The Brain Show, and music by Rockit.

Attendees are welcome to bring a blanket or beach chair for the festivities. While admission is free to the event, children must be accompanied by an adult. From the looks of it, food will be served at 5:30 PM – while the game show commences at around 6:30 PM.

If you plan on attending, just know it’s being held at the Red Bank Middle School at 101 Harding Road.

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