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Kitch Organic: Food Is Fuel For Life


Food, it’s an essential in our way of living. And you know what? It all starts with breakfast, which is exactly why we took a trip to check out Kitch Organic in Red Bank recently, which is located at 75 Leighton Avenue.

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You can’t miss Kitch Organic with its colorful facade.

From afar, it’s instantly distinguishable thanks in part to the colorful paint job of its facade. For this breakfast visit, however, the meaning behind “food is fuel for life” had a greater impact after tasting the dishes we tried out!

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Kitch Organic believes that food is fuel for life.

We ordered the egg platter, which comes with your choice of eggs, a protein option (a turkey sausage in our case), sweet potato hash, sautéed kale, and one piece of their original avocado toast. Not only was there a visual appeal to the dish, but it was rich with unique flavors and textures. In addition, we tried out Kitch Organic’s sweet potato quiche, which is only available on the weekends.

Once you’ve tried out its fresh and natural food, you’ll surely comprehend why they believe that food is fuel for life. Check out the picture gallery below from our recent visit!

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