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Meemom’s Middletown: See the lines, stay for the food

Nestled within the Shop Rite shopping complex over in Middletown, Meemom’s Breakfast & Lunch is a spot that doesn’t see much traffic in the late afternoons and evenings, since it’s only open from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM daily. However, when it is actually open for business, you’ll more than likely see crowds outside – especially on the weekends.

During one of our on-the-road excursions, we decided to stop by and check out Meemom’s. You might be dissuaded from going in because of the crowds waiting to get service, but you won’t be disappointed by the wait.

From the looks of it, Meemom’s is known for its eclectic variety of French Toast, which covers a pretty wide gamut in terms of styles. At our visit, we started off with two of its specialty iced coffee drinks – the crazy grandpa and cookie monster.

For the main course, we opted to try out one of its specials for the day, the crumb cake french toast, as well as the breakfast burrito with a side of sausage. Check out all the pictures below to see what’s in store for you when you visit!

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