Indie Street Film Festival Opening Night Reception Recap

The 2nd annual Indie Street Film Festival kicked off last night, July 26th, with an opening night reception over at The Count Basie Theatre – where attendees got the chance to mix and mingle before indie films are expected to play at various locations in town.

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Ronnie Jackson performing his live surfboard carving exhibition.

Similar to last year’s reception, this gave attendees the opportunity to meet others in the filming industry, ranging from the talents, the writers, the directors, and much more. Local artist and surfboard carver Ronnie Jackson delivered a live exhibition of his work, while live music helped to accompany the action.

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Food was provided by Kitch Organic in Red Bank, NJ.

Food was provided by Kitch Organic, which had a gorgeous display of lite bites to choose from. And finally, Court Liquors offered pass holders a special wine tasting.

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Wine sampling courtesy of Court Liquors.

Check out all the action that went down during last night’s Indie Street Film Festival reception in our photos below and video above! Don’t miss out on the rest of the festivities that are happening throughout the week.


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