Our coverage of The Great Red Bank Egg Hunt

The first ever Great Red Bank Egg Hunt, an event that planned by various members of the Red Bank Business Alliance, was held yesterday on Saturday, April 15th. We were there covering it from start to finish, witnessing the crowds and long line that extended through White Street – as eager players were waiting for it to start.

The event started at The Trap Door Escape Room, where attendees picked up maps of the town and were given clues to the whereabouts of the eggs hidden and scattered throughout downtown Red Bank that contained prizes. One of the lead event coordinators, Anthony Purzycki of The Trap Door Escape Room, kicked things off promptly at 2:00 PM explaining the rules about the egg hunt.

From there, players were off figuring out the clues given to them to try to find those eggs. The eggs contained a variety of things, ranging from chocolates and candy, to various other prizes that allowed them to pick up one of the many featured prizes that were on display at the pickup area.

Given the amount of people who showed up, it showed that this free event managed to somehow generate a ton of interest in a very short period of time. Check out some of the photos from the event below in the meantime, as we continue working on producing the video!

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