Join The Cheese Cave for its tasting and lecture on French cheeses

The cheese connoisseurs over at The Cheese Cave on Monmouth Street will be holding a tasting and lecturing event for French cheeses on Sunday, February 19th.

If French cheeses are what satiates your palate, then you don’t want to miss this intimate tasting that’ll have you sampling of fromage that come from the French countryside. In fact, you’ll be sampling a broad range of cheeses that cover the gamut – so expect mild & tender, creamy & tangy, and as well as good ol’ sharp cheeses.

While dining on the cheeses, attendees will also be given a lecture and history lesson on their cultivation. Now, if you’re interested in joining The Cheese Cave for this event, which is done after hours on Sunday from 5PM to 6:30 PM, then you’ll want to register beforehand to ensure a spot, which is $50 per person.

Hey, it makes for a great post Valentine’s Day event to do as a couple!

**update** It looks like this event is so popular already that it’s sold out! Don’t worry, they’ll be hosting more events like this, so be on the look for future events on their website and Facebook page.

source: The Cheese CaveThe Cheese CaveThe Cheese Cave via Facebook

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