We checked out Coffee Corral’s pet adoption day

Coffee and puppies, that was the scene over at Coffee Corral on the morning of Saturday, October 1st. The unique coffee joint in town, known for it fresh roasts,  was collaborating with Castle of Dreams Animal Rescue for Pet Adoption Day.

After ordering one of Coffee Corral’s lattes, a mocha latte in particular, we took things outside where all the fun was happening. The puppies were flat-out adorable! Who couldn’t love their rambunctious personalities? And while most of the puppies were super alert and playful, there were others who preferred a more relax tone – sleeping, that is.

Events like this at Coffee Corral are more intimate of course, so be sure to follow them on their various social media accounts to see what’s coming up next. And while you’re there, caffeinate yourself by trying out any of their coffee varieties – you won’t be disappointed!

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