Red Bank Pulse Spotlight: Temple Gourmet Chinese

Just when we think we’ve seen and visited most of Red Bank’s eclectic variety of restaurants, we realize that there’s still plenty to explore and visit. In our latest spotlight piece, we take a look at Temple Gourmet Chinese, located right off of Broad Street in town.

Temple at first might seem like your ordinary Chinese restaurant, but it’s so much more than that. What separates it, is the fact that they fuse together traditional Chinese cuisine with some modern techniques – resulting in dishes that excite the palate. Add to that, the atmosphere and ambiance of the restaurant makes it so that diners have an intimate experience.

Our dining experience started off with one of the Temple’s new specials, the chicken samosa eggrolls, followed by the main course dishes – chicken with broccoli and beef lo-mein. At the moment, it’s a BYOB establishment, but it looks like the restaurant is prepping to offer a full bar service.

If you have an appetite for some classical Chinese dishes, Temple Gourmet Chinese should definitely be a place on your list to check out in Red Bank. Check out the video above to see exactly what we’re talking about!

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