The Boondock Fishery’s last night of the season is Wednesday, Setpember 14th

Summer came and went in Red Bank, bringing along a ton of fun and memories for everyone to remember. At long last, however, the end of the summer season signals the end for one of Red Bank’s popular seafood joints – The Boondocks Fishery.

Ah yes, we remember how we wrote a piece about opening night for The Boondocks Fishery back at the start of the summer, but it’s hard to imagine that the time has passed us all by in a heart beat! Well folks, if you have yet to visit, Wednesday (September 14th) will be your last opportunity for the season.

That means, there’s less than two days before the restaurant closes for the season. Now, if you intend on dining tonight or tomorrow, just know that it’ll be lobster night. For $29.96, you can feast on 2 lobsters, corn, and potatoes! Better hurry before it’s too late!

source: Facebook


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