Search for the best desserts in Red Bank: Chill’s Bubble Tea

Our search for the best desserts in Red Bank takes us to an unconventional option that most wouldn’t think at first to be a satisfying option. Over at Chill Bubble Tea & Ice Cream Shop, located right off of White Street, they over a medley of cool and refreshing options that could make for a satisfying dessert.

While you could technically go for its selection of ice cream, sundaes, shakes, and smoothies, there’s one you should try out above all because you won’t find much of it elsewhere in town. And when it’s a rarity of sorts in town, you know that we have to check it out for ourselves.

Check out Chill’s bubble tea selection, just because it’s a sweet and light treat that makes for a satisfying dessert. As you’re slurping down on the sugary treat, you’ll have a medley tea and boba choices to choose from. Unlike most other desserts, this one ensures that you won’t feel overly bloated afterwards.

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