Rally for the Navesink

The Navesink, it’s what some would consider as the lifeline of Red Bank. Honestly, it would be nearly impossible for Red Bank to thrive without it. But did you know that the Navesink River has recently been downgraded due to pollution – contamination due to animal and human fecal matter?

Pollution is always concerning, just because it can adversely affect our way of living. And that’s exactly why the Clean Ocean Action was formed in the first place, a group whose goal is to “improve the degraded water quality of the marine waters off the New Jersey/New York coast.

Given the circumstances surrounding the Navesink River, a network of groups called the Rally for the Navesink will be hosting a meeting this Wednesday, September 21st, to address the public about the pollution that’s surrounding the Navesink. It’s being held from 7:00 PM to 8:30PM over at the Riverview Medical Center.


Not only will the event be addressing the current situation, but it will also be a time to educate those about what can be done to help out. For more information about it, click the link below for all the details and an in-depth look at the report about the Navesink.

source: Clean Ocean Action (1)(2)


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