Red Bank needs more ice cream joints

Ice cream joints, you’d think that Red Bank would be a town that’d have a huge variety of places to go to, but interestingly enough, there are very few of them around in reality. Very recently, I visited the west coast during a work-related conference, and while I was there, it really opened up my eyes to realize that Red Bank could benefit from having a few more ice cream places.

Sure, we have staple places like Strollo’s The Lighthouse, which is a hotspot during the summer months, and if you want to venture out just a little bit, there’s also Ryan’s Homemade Ice Cream in Tinton Falls and Hoffman’s Ice Cream in Little Silver. They’re all great in their own way, but the places I visited in Los Angeles last week really have some compelling alternative.

Take for example Cream, this ice cream parlor situated near the campus of USC. What really astounded me the most was their staple menu choice, the cream taco, which as its name so happens to imply, is an ice cream made taco. With your choice of three scoops of whatever flavor, finished off with two toppings, this extravagant dessert is an ice cream lovers’ dream come true – more so when it’s priced at only $5!


On a second night in Los Angeles, I stopped by another ice cream place near the Little Tokyo area of the city to this place called the Ice Cream Lab. A bit pricier, the Ice Cream Lab is known for serving made-to-order liquid nitrogen ice cream. The whole process is neat in itself, as the liquid nitrogen vapors slowly covers the countertop – while the valve it comes out of it covered in thick ice. And trust me, the ice cream was just fabulous.


These are two prime examples of unique spins on the traditional ice cream parlors we’re all accustomed to checking out locally. Wouldn’t it be neat if Red Bank opened up something like this?

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