Our coverage of the 2nd Annual Food Truck Festival

It was previously delayed due to inclement weather, but the first official day of summer yielded plenty of good weather for the 2nd Annual Food Truck Festival, which was held at Middletown High School South. Despite it being a Monday and all, the event managed to draw huge crowds during our brief visit. Thankfully, the humidity from earlier on in the day seemed to vanish altogether by the time 6:00 PM rolled along.

There were plenty of food trucks and vendors during the event, but we specifically visited three places that really stood out for us. They consist of the following:

  • Empanada Guy
  • Johnny’s Pork Roll
  • Lexylicious

At the Empanada Guy, Katie went for the chicken empanada, while I ended up getting “The Hawaiian” from Johnny’s Pork Roll. And for dessert, we decided on getting some ice cream from Lexylicious. We were actually quite impressed by the customization that Lexylicious offered with its ice cream sandwiches – wherein you could choose the type of cookie and ice cream for the order.

Well, it was a great Food Truck Festival, so we’re looking forward to what’s coming next. Please don’t forget to check out our video as well!


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