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Can you believe that it’s been nearly one year since the start of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic? It’s really unbelievable to fathom how much time has passed since then. More importantly, it changed habits, expectations, and our way of life. For many small businesses around Monmouth County and the greater Jersey Shore, it proved to be an almost insurmountable challenge.

As we’ve seen in the last year, some businesses thrived, while others were forced to shutter due to the overwhelming toll of the pandemic. Early on, we interviewed several local businesses that shared their story with adapting to the new normal. From those interviews, we learned how some embraced the challenge, worked together with other businesses to build stronger bonds, and even changing their entire business structure in order to adapt.

Now, though, we’re one year older, one year wiser. We’re looking for small businesses who’d like to share their story with us. We want to hear from the individuals, organizations, and local businesses on how they’re planning for the future based on what they’ve learned and experienced.

For those wishing to take part in our guide, the cost to be included in our 2021 Jersey Shore Fall Guide is $80 or $175, which will include the following:

$80 Package

  • Production of a single 30-second video clip
  • 1 dedicated social media blast specific to your non-profit/business/cause

$175 Package

  • Up to a 100 word description in our online Jersey Shore Summer 2020 Guide
  • Production of a single interview styled video up to 2-minutes in length
  • 4 dedicated social media blast specific to your non-profit/business/cause

You’ll be able to share these videos at any time through our YouTube channel. On top of that, we’ll be actively promoting this guide. We’re storytellers at heart that are passionate about telling them through the power of video. If you’re curious about our storytelling abilities through our videos, feel free to check out some of the stuff we’ve produced already with some local businesses and events.

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