Kevin Smith’s Mooby’s popup food shop and experience to be held at Gianni’s Pizzeria in Red Bank

Just like that, more details about Kevin Smith’s upcoming fast food joint in Red Bank have been confirmed. It comes after last week’s surprising announcement by Jersey’s golden boy, who teased the plans on Instagram. This time though, we have all the additional details on what you can expect!

The biggest question from people was where would he be opening up the fast food joint? With a few restaurants/eateries closing in the last few months due to the pandemic, the speculation ranged from The Downtown and Front Street Trattoria on Front Street, to the old Ocean Cafe on Monmouth Street. Well folks, it looks like it’s going to be opening at Gianni’s Pizzeria next to the Food Town grocery store on 15 Wikoff Place. It’s a stretch away from downtown Red Bank, but it’s still definitely a destination you’ll want to venture out to because of the food.

Speaking of the food, it’s going to consist of a variety of menu items below:

  • Main dishes
    • Cow Tipper
    • Beyond Burger Cow Tipper
    • Cock Smoker Chicago Sandwich
    • Messy Vegan Lasagna Sandwich
  • Side dishes
    • Hater Totz
    • Onion Rings to Rule Them All

We’re told that ticket sales will begin on Wednesday, September 2, over at the Mooby’s Popup web site, so you’ll want to snag tickets before they’re sold out. Each pre-purchased ticket will include ONE main dish and One side dish from the menu above. Given that this is a limited affair, with the popup experience running September 18 to September 25, there will also be carryout and patio dining available if you can’t secure the prized tickets for opening day on September 18.

The pop-up experience will also feature several photo moments for fans, where they can safely play in the world of Kevin Smith while waiting for their food. The Mooby’s experience is going to extend beyond just the food, too, as patrons are invited over to Red Tank Brewery to try out the new signature Mooby’s beer, which will be available for pickup. And finally, there will be a coffee drink too from a yet to be announced local partner.

Are you ready for Mooby’s?


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