Everest Escape Expedition expected to launch this fall at Trap Door Escape Room

Trap Door Escape Room is getting ready to launch its newest experience this fall! After the immense success of Bogeyman, they’re changing things up with the upcoming thrilling adventure experience with the Everest Escape Expedition, which will premier sometime this fall at their current location on 60 White Street.

While their previous two escape room experiences centered around horror with Cure Z and Bogeyman, Everest Escape Expedition is changing things up with the scenery — but it’s still going to keep players on their toes.

An Escape Expedition

Everest takes thrill-seeking adventure to new heights as you journey from base camp, up the mountain, and potentially to the ruins of a Tibetan Monastery lost to time. The Experience spans both floors of Trap Door’s Red Bank location, making it approximately 1600 square feet of playing space. Everest utilizes special effects never before seen in the Red Bank location, such as Freakshow and the new F5’s Projection systems, and the Trap Door Creator’s Teams highly Immersive new Set Design experience.

60 Minute Expedition

Journey to the top of the world in 60 minutes or you might be The Yeti’s next dinner. Everest is designed for a maximum of 8 players per hour. You will want to dress warm and wear shoes that allow you to
traverse uneven terrain comfortably.

The Everest Escape Expedition is nearing completion, but you can expect to check it out sometime this fall when it launches. Their landing page currently has a countdown timer indicating the anticipated launch date, which appears to be set for November 27, 2020.

source: Trap Door Escape Room


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