Boondocks Fishery’s season closing pegged for September 17

What a season it’s been for the Boondocks Fishery! There was a lot of uncertainty for many small businesses during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, but the Boondocks Fishery pushed through and opened for the season — albeit, being a strictly takeout-only option. Still, they’ve proven that people love their lobsters even through all of this!

Well, the time has come after yet another season under its belt, as the Boondocks Fishery recently announced its closing for the season. Your last time to experience their food will come on Thursday, September 17, so you’ll want to swing by between now and then for one last order. The next time after that won’t be until next year in the spring!

The Boondocks Fishery has built a reputation around the area as a destination if you’re a seafood lover. From their lobster specials running Tuesdays to Thursdays, to their many other seafood dishes, local and visitors have relished on what they’ve had to offer.


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