NJ gyms set to reopen tomorrow. Here are 3 important things you should know

Gyms and fitness centers are planning to reopen again starting tomorrow, September 1, after Governor Phil Murphy announced last week through the latest executive order. It’s been a challenge getting through the ongoing pandemic, but gym owners and customers can expect some level of normalcy to return with their routines.

While this is no doubt one of many steps, there are three important things you should know if you plan on hitting the gym soon. It’s worth mentioning, too, that there’s a 25% capacity limit, which excludes the staff.

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Masks need to be worn at all times

One effective way that has helped to reduce the transmission of coronavirus COVID-19 has been the use of face masks. At all gyms and fitness centers, members and staff are required to wear masks at all times — unless it poses a serious risk to an individual’s health. Meaning, you’ll need to be wearing one as you work out using any machines and you’re required to sanitize equipment before and after use. While there are challenges to indoor settings, face masks is one way to help keep you and others protected.

Social distancing rule means 6 feet of space

Social distancing, it’s the term we’ve all become familiar with since the beginning of the pandemic. When you’re at the gym, you’ll need to continue abiding this rule regardless of the situation or workout equipment you’re using. Gyms are required to keep a minimum distance of 6 feet between equipment. If that can’t be enforced, then the equipment needs to be blocked off.

For locations that offer group classes, the same 6 feet social distancing rule will be enforced. In the executive order, it mentions that locations should have signage to indicate this ruling.

Locker rooms can only be used for washing hands & using the bathroom

You won’t be able to use locker rooms for anything besides washing your hands and using the bathroom. Before you enter the gym, you’ll need to be wearing your workout clothes and gear because you won’t be able to change in the lock room. Once you’re done, you can still use the facilities to wash your hands, but it’s probably best to leave as quickly as possible — given that you can’t use the locker rooms for anything else.

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