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Danny’s Steakhouse celebrates their 51st anniversary, proving that adversities won’t stop them

Can you believe that Danny’s Steakhouse is celebrating their 51st anniversary? The famed Red Bank restaurant has been in business for over 5 decades now, exhibiting the necessary grit and tenacity that’s required to overcome challenges. The past 2 decades alone have been challenging enough, but Danny’s Steakhouse is one of those rare gems that’s unfazed by time.

Danny’s Steakhouse owner, the one and only Danny Murphy, is largely considered a pioneer in the Red Bank dining scene. He’s a perfect example of a strong restaurant owner. Instead of focusing on administrative tasks, Murphy is known to interact with guests at his restaurant. In fact, diners relish conversations and stories they’ve had at Danny’s Steakhouse with Danny himself.

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Celebrating 51 years in business is an accomplishment like no other, especially when you consider how the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged local communities. No business is impervious from it, evident by the numerous closings of small businesses in Red Bank alone. However, Danny expressed a higher level of uncertainty about the future of small businesses when we spoke to him for an interview back in April. “I like most of the country has never experienced anything like this. The only thing my industry is doing is now we have to adjust, and find out what to do now to keep ourselves alive,” said Murphy. Yet, he’s always up to the task of tackling adversities.

Fast forward to today and we find Danny’s Steakhouse continuing to thrive, despite the fact that they’ve been hinging on outdoor dining to survive. Again, it’s a testament to the restaurant’s ability to adapt to the conditions. Situated over on the west side of Red Bank has its own set of challenges, especially given how downtown Red Bank down by Broad Street has been a polarizing magnet for locals, diners, and visitors. Nevertheless, you can count on Danny’s Steakhouse to be a mainstay in Red Bank’s scene.

If you have time, definitely swing by and let Danny know how you feel about the 51st anniversary. We’re sure he’ll tell you a story of some kind for the occasion, that’s the Danny we all know. Here’s to yet another accomplishment to one of Red Bank’s longest running small businesses! Don’t forget to check out all of our photos from Danny’s Steakhouse over the year, along with our most recent interview above.

Today marks 51 years since Danny’s opened!

Each year open, we become more and more thankful for everyone we have met and that have supported us during all these years. Danny’s has always been known for change, and during these 51 years, Danny has changed 7 times — from a pizza & Italian restaurant, to a wine bar, to a steak and sushi place & more! As we get ready for change number 8, we are excited to continue to serve you and bring you some new & exciting creations! 🎉

Make sure to stop by tonight, even if it’s just for a drink, and say hi to Danny! Danny would love to see you and hear about any memories you have made at Dannys these past 51 years! 💙

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