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Food truck season is almost here! What are some of your favorite local ones?

What a spring it’s been so far, right? It’s been a challenging couple of months for many small businesses and organizations, but as restrictions continue to ease, the Jersey Shore is looking for a grand return to normalcy with summer’s impending arrival. And with that, it brings along food truck season!

Despite the cancellations and postponements of some of the Jersey Shore’s biggest food truck festivals over the last month, things are a bit more promising come the summer months – June, July, and August. We’ve posted about how some food trucks have been giving back during the pandemic, but you know that they’ll be ready to serve eager foodies looking for the best bites and dishes for the summer!

Knowing that, we’re really eager to find out what are some of your favorite local ones? Let us know because we’re looking to have some of them featured in an upcoming guide, so we can help share their stories with you through our videos. In fact, you can check out our video above from our 2019 food truck guide — as well as some of the photos below offered by them

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