Jersey Shore beaches slated to open in time for Memorial Day weekend

The question on everyone’s mind of late is when will we return to normal? It’s been a tough question, since the old normal we’re accustomed to knowing won’t be the same, due to the long lasting impact of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. After months of a lockdown, it looks like things are going to be opening up in time for Memorial Day.

Today, May 14, New Jersey governor Phil Murphy announced that the Jersey Shore will be open in time for the Memorial Day weekend, which is the unofficial start of the summer for the Jersey Shore. The news was no doubt inviting! However, there are significant cautionary procedures that will be put in place to ensure the public’s safety. For one, large gatherings and fireworks are prohibited. And secondly, it’ll be up to each town to come up with capacity limitations for beaches, as well as social distancing guidelines.

Small businesses, as well as residents, throughout the Jersey Shore are no doubt going to be excited about the news. As it currently stands, the Jersey Shore’s reopening is planned for Friday, May 22. It’s a little over a week away, so you know there’s going to be a lot of anticipation leading up to it. Still, we need to be mindful through it all.

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