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FLAG of Red Bank is a fundraiser that aims to help out local healthcare workers

Even in tough times like this, communities come together for a common cause. The coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak has caused a dramatic shift in our way of life, forcing many of us to change our routines and habits, but those on the front like are going above and beyond!

FLAG of Red Bank is being organized by Amy Russo of Toast.

FLAG (Front Line Appreciation Group) of Red Bank is one of those positive creations from these challenging times, a fundraiser that aims to raise money to support healthcare professionals in some of our local hospitals.

We are raising money to support all of our front line professionals. Namely ER and ICU units at Riverview Medical Center in Red Bank and RWJSB in Long Branch. As well as all first responders in Red Bank. Police, Fire, EMS, DPW etc.

These meals will be sourced by local restaurants and paid by these donations to cover staff and food costs during this crisis.

Currently, the fundraiser is organized by Amy Russo, who is the owner of the Toast Red Bank, a popular breakfast/lunch eatery off of Monmouth Street. The fundraiser has currently raised over $1,000, so you can make a contribution by visiting the Go Fund Me link below.

source: Go Fund Me via Facebook

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  1. Does only her restaurant benefit from donations, or do other red bank restaurants have the oppprtunity to make the meals.????? Looks a lot like a personal advertisement, need to know before contributing

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