Red Bank Virtual Tip Jar lets you tip your favorite bartenders & servers

Servers and bartenders have been adversely affected by the recent coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, with many of them out of a job because of all the closures. One of those affected individuals, Joe Bryant, has created a virtual tip jar that allows individuals to tip their favorite servers and bartenders.

With NJ officially closing all bars & restaurants, we are looking for a way to support our favorite bartenders & servers during this uncertain time! Together, we can create a list of Red Bank service industry workers and their Venmo or PayPal accounts to be shared widely. If you feel inclined to give them a tip, you will be able to find their Venmo/Paypal, and send whatever you would like!

The list will be updated regularly. So many great people have signed up already. Please share!

Let’s join together as a community to support the ones we love.
Until we drink together again, please be safe, remain healthy and stay sane!

Joe Bryant

* I do not take credit for this idea. Thank you for those in Asbury Park, DC & Philly who shared their Virtual Tip Jar that inspired this one *

You can access the list of individuals who you can tip through the link below. The Google Docs page is also accepting information from any other server or bartender that works in one of the many Red Bank restaurants, bars, and eateries.

source: Red Bank Virtual Tip Jar

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