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“1 + 1 + 1” gallery show to showcase personal work from three Red Bank based photographers

They’ve been quite busy as Red Bank based photographers, but the trio that call 12 Monmouth Street home are planning to host an upcoming gallery show dubbed “1 + 1 +1” that will run on select dates from December 6-20 — with an opening reception event on December 6 to showcase the personal work from Brandi Grooms Johnson, Elisabeth Koch-McKay, and Robert Scott McKay.

We’re Back!With what?
“1 + 1 + 1” Photographs by the 3 photographers working at 12 Monmouth Street!We are:Brandi Grooms JohnsonElisabeth Koch-McKay& Robert Scott McKay Q: What kind of work do we do when we are making photographs for ourselves, (you might ask)?A: Stop by so we can show you!When?
Opening Reception:Friday, December 6th, 2019   7 – 10PM
The show will run on specified days, from December 6, 2019 thru December 20, 2019.
Special Gallery hours are as follows:Tuesday, December 10th Friday, December 13thTuesday, December 17th & Friday, December 20th (1PM–7PM, or by appointment)

McKay Imaging Photography Studio and Gallery 12 Monmouth Street, second floor, Red Bank, NJ 07701

Gallery Statement For the past 3 or 4 years now, Liz and I have been sharing our Monmouth Street studio space with photographer and long-time good friend, Brandi Grooms Johnson. It is really a match made in heaven! Our photography businesses are both very busy and all is working out quite well with our new arrangement… except for one thing… we have not had any time for gallery shows! That, in case you were wondering, is the reason that you haven’t heard from us in so long. You probably thought that you had been taken off of our gallery mailing list, right? No chance. We have just all been working really hard. In our “spare time” however, we all still try to make room for some kind of photography in our lives… this is our personal work, which rarely sees the light of day!Here is a bit of info about what we will each be showing at 1+1+1…
BRANDI GROOMS JOHNSON (BodyScapes) Over the last 15 years, Brandi has earned quite a reputation as one of the best boudoir photographers in our area. If you have not seen her work, that is a testament to her integrity. Boudoir photography is generally quite a private practice. She loves this work and so, her personal work is largely derived from this passion. The series of black and white metal prints that Brandi will be showing is a representation of how she artistically sees her subjects; a reflection of how she prefers the light to fall on them.  Her professional work can be seen by going to The work you will see in this show is distinctly different and with that, Brandi welcomes you all into her world.
ELISABETH KOCH-MCKAY (Self- Portraiture) In about 1996 or ’97, Elisabeth began a series of self-portraits. At first, it was her attempt to artistically portray her experience of being a woman in America, from her uniquely European perspective. As time went by, the work continued and included Liz portraying herself as film starlets, as women in history, as well as women in everyday roles. Sometimes exaggerated, often animated, these portraits present a mixture of woman in positions of strength as well as in gestures of vulnerability. They portray, simultaneously, imagery that evokes a feeling of the familiarity that comes from the fame of her subjects and a personal look at the artist herself. This showing will include some work that has been recently seen by some in public spaces, some work that is older but has been seen by very few and one completely new self portrait that is being finished as I write these words! Come on in a take a look!
ROBERT SCOTT MCKAY (Cell Phone Photography) Perhaps nothing had done more to change the face of photography in the last century or so, than cell phone photography. It was at one time practiced as a hobby, only by the wealthy. The magic of producing a photograph was out of reach for most people, for a multitude of reasons. Throughout the years it has become more and more accessible to the masses; but only since about the year 2002, when Sanyo put the first camera on a cell phone did things really get crazy… Today, almost everyone in the developing world has a camera phone in their pocket and I of course, am no exception! Being a professional photographer, you would think that I’d be obsessed with super fine resolution in my images and in my professional life, I surely am… …But for my day to day, I, like most other people, carry around a cell phone or 2 and they are my go-to images capture devices… and I see images… everywhere that I go! I can always be seen, here & there, to and fro, snapping photos with my little “pocket scanner”. I have become accustomed to documenting my life and my world with these small devices (as most people have) and are mostly satisfied to review them in their relatively low resolution state.  Can this be art you ask? Why certainly! Why not? Come and see the prints that I have prepared for you, prints that present color, shape and form and resolution be damned! Come and have a look (but don’t look too close)!    : ) We can’t wait to see you!

source: McKay Imaging Photography

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