Community comes together for Two River Theater’s west side block party

Two River Theater’s annual block party was held over in Johnny Jazz Park, over on the west side of Red Bank, bringing the local community together for an evening of fun!

In previous years, the block party was held over at Two River Theater, but this year’s event over at Johnny Jazz Park was meant to draw even more of the local community together. On top of the jazz and blue music that attendees were treated to by the band Music Beyond Measure Trio, there was also some light refreshments offered – as well as a fish fry dish for purchase at the nearby local Masonic Hall.

One of the event’s main organizers, Two River Theater Community Relations representative Gilda Rogers, spoke with us about the event’s origins and what it meant to her. You can watch our entire interview with her through the video above.

And as always, don’t forget to check out all the photos from the event below!

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