Red Bank Pulse Spotlight: Jules Handbags

Sometimes it’s not only the places you’ve been, but the place where you live that gives you inspiration. That’s the case for Juliane Randazzo, who is the owner and founder of Jules Handbags, an online shop that offers a variety of colorful and unique handbags!

Based in Red Bank, you can instantly tell that some of her designs were inspired by Red Bank. One handbag in particular will immediately be a familiar landscape for any Red Bank resident, but the true beauty in her designs are how colorful they look – perfect for the summer!

Randazzo’s story first began when she first designed hats for the Kentucky Derby. Now, there aren’t any ordinary hats, since they’re handmade and feature extensive depth. You can absolutely see how much time was invested into creating these hats, but this eventually paved the way for something more sustainable – and that’s when the idea of putting them into handbags came to fruition!

Jules Handbags feature colorful printed designs, Italian Nappa leather, and Monroe satin! The products cover the gamut, consisting of handbags, crossbodies, keyrings, and even wallets. You can see the entire collection online through her website, but don’t forget to watch our video above highlighting Jules Handbags and hearing Randazzo’s story!



  1. Shits dope Tito, it’s dope!

    Buy some, I have two and I get stopped all the time and asked where I got it and how lovely they are. My favorite bags by far.

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