Brew by the Bay 2019 in Highlands attracts larger crowds for the second annual craft beer festival


Thanks to the influx of people looking to take the advantage of the great weather, the second annual Brew by the Bay Craft Beer Festival attracted beer lovers and aficionados from the local areas to The Seafarer Bar in Highlands, NJ.

Organized by the Highlands Business Partnership, Brew by the Bay was a bigger affair this time around versus last year! Backed by several local breweries consisting of Jughandle Brewing Company, Wet Ticket Brewing, Belford Brewing Company, Raritan Bay Brewing Company, and Carton Brewing, attendees had an assortment of beers to sample throughout the event.

As for The Seafarer Bar, patrons enjoyed the live music, the beach like atmosphere, cocktails from the tiki bar, and food. This second annual event definitely saw significant growth over last year’s offering, so it’ll be interesting to see what’s on tap for next year’s event.

Don’t forget to check out all the photos we captured during the event below, as well as our video above interviewing members of the respective breweries talking about what they were offering for the festival.

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