Toy Gallery In Union Square: A toy store for all ages and occasions

Toy lovers of all ages were saddened by the abrupt loss of Toys “R” Us, but don’t worry because some of our local toy stores are filling the void left by the former chain’s end.

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Toy Gallery In Union Square is located on 470 State Route 35 in Red Bank, NJ. 

One particular toy store you need to know about is the Toy Galley in Union Square, which is located on 470 State Route 35 in Red Bank, NJ. It’s over the bridge and resides in that border area of Red Bank and Middletown, over at the Union Square Plaza on the southbound side of State Route 35.

Offering an assortment of toys, board games, books, and much more for all ages, it’s one of the destinations you’ll want to consider if you’re looking for toys! Even better, they have some of display for you to check out and the kids can absolutely enjoy some play time with them.

Check out all the photos from our recent visit below!



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