Johnny’s Pork Roll officially opens in Red Bank serving up pork roll sandwiches in all styles year round

If you’ve frequently visit the Red Bank Farmer’s Market on Sundays from the spring to the fall, then you probably notice one particular food truck that’s there serving up one delicious salty specialty – pork roll! While its food truck is known to travel all-around the state, Johnny’s Pork Roll can now call Red Bank its home with its physical location opening very recently.

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Johnny’s Pork Roll is located on 8A Monmouth Street in Red Bank, NJ.

We stopped by the location on Monmouth Street, which was previously occupied by Fizz Soda Fountain. Serving up an assortment of classic and unique takes with its pork roll sandwiches, there’s a style that’ll suit just about anyone. And best of all, these pork roll sandwiches are perfect for any occasion – so that means breakfast, lunch, or dinner! In addition, the location also serves up some tater tots and coffee too, which the latter is done using a drip method.

Johnny’s Pork Roll owner, John Yarusi, couldn’t be anymore excited about being open officially – as well as being in Red Bank! And if you think you’re a pork roll aficionado, then you may meet your match with John because he’s not only passionate about the food, but the history that comes along with it. You’ll see that in full display when you enter the location.

As always, don’t forget to check out all the photos from our recent visit below and check them out as well sometime!

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