Kevin Smith arrives to meet & greet with fans before kicking off Vulgarthon 2018 in Red Bank

To celebrate his 48th birthday, local New Jersey native Kevin Smith returned to Red Bank to kick off Vulgarthon 2018, a film festival consisting of Smith’s most notable flicks. We stopped by the scene over at Bow Tie Cinemas in Red Bank, where Smith himself arrived to greet the fans waiting outside on line.

Vulgarthon Kevin Smith 34 of 50
A long line formed during the early hours on August 2nd, as fans waited for the start of Smith’s Vulgarthon 2018.

Naturally, Smith commands a huge presence amongst fans and movie goers, but there’s a generous and humble side to the director, actor, and film maker. He’s known for his alter ego, Silent Bob, but it’s incredible to see how Smith in real life takes care of his fans. Even after experiencing a major heart attack earlier this year, Smith went through a transformation that got him healthier and slimming down in the process.

If you’ve never believed in super heroes before, you should now because Smith’s experience is a miracle. This guy, who was born in Red Bank and grew up in Highlands, managed to speak with every single fan waiting on line – and that’s saying something with the heat and humidity. Still, he persevered and really showed dedication to the people who helped get him to where he’s at today.

Don’t forget to check out our interview above, where Smith talks about his feelings about meeting the fans – as well as all the photos from Vulgarthon below!


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