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Drive too fast and you might miss it, so you’ll want to slow down as you approach 132 E River Road in Rumson, NJ. Nestled at that location is Surf BBQ, which as its name so happens to imply, is restaurant that serves barbecue – and lots of it!

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Surf BBQ is located at 132 E River Road in Rumson, NJ.

Recently, we stopped by for our very first visit. It came on a Thursday night, which for those of you know, happens to be fried chicken night. Served on Thursdays only, Surf BBQ offers its one-of-a-kind “not your colonel’s fried chicken.” And we have to admit, it’s something worth trekking out for on a Thursday, seeing that it’s not typically offered on the menu.

In addition to that, we ordered “The Bolt, ” which features pulled chicken, Muenster cheese, pickles, surf slaw, and bbq sauce. There’s also an assortment of cocktails and draft beers available there!

Don’t forget to check out all of our photos below from our recent visit!


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