Kevin Smith made his return to The Stash in Red Bank with a 7-hour long meet and greet with fans


Jersey native, all-around good guy, and inifity gauntlet wielding master of the universe, Kevin Smith, made his return to Red Bank yesterday, May 5th, for a special event that was held over at Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash.

This visit comes after his health scare earlier this year, but he was back to full-form to meet and greet with the fans at the shop. Fans arrived early to get the opportunity to purchase his limited edition Funko Pop collectible, as well as getting the chance to meet the man himself in the flesh.

It’s really amazing to see the filmaker’s endurance and passion, just because the event was originally slated to only  go on for 3 hours, but it ended up taking 7 hours instead. Naturally, he wanted to ensure that his fans were all taken care of – and this act undoubtedly shows that!

The interactions he had with fans were just amazing, showing genuine emotions and appreciation for them with big hugs, signing comic books, and yes, tons of selfies. In fact, you could say he has the process ironed down! Anyways, don’t forget to check out all the photos from the event below, as well as our short video above.


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