Teak Restaurant: Customer Appreciation Mondays

If you’ve ever passed through Teak Restaurant on a Monday evening, you probably realize it’s a pretty busy spot. That’s because on Mondays, Teak offers its customer appreciation menu, which offers a 50% discount on its menu.

We stopped by to check it out and tried out the following dishes and drinks below!

  • Edamame – sea salt & lime
  • Crazy Monkey Rolls – sweet potato tempura, black rice, banana, avocado, & creme fresh
  • Asian BBQ Chicken – soy plum marinated, scallion mash potato, grilled asparagus, yellow aji panka sauce
  • Cranberry Mule – Stoli vanilla, fresh lime, cranberry, ginger beer
  • Dark City Brewing – ‘Charrette’ Belgian rye IPA

Now, the 50% discount applies to only food items on its customer appreciation menu – desserts and drinks are not included. Still, the menu is rich with various dishes that should appease your appetite.

Don’t forget to check out all the photos from our recent visit below!

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