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7 fun indoor activities you can do when it’s cold out in Red Bank

Red Bank is in a current state of deep freeze, brought on by the ‘bomb cyclone‘ that recently passed through the northeast region, bringing along huge snowfalls, plummeting temperatures, and windy breezes that would make anyone rethink about stepping outside. While many of us might be content staying at home being cozy, others might be willing to venture outside into the cold to just get out.

The summers and springs in Red Bank definitely draw huge crowds into town, but what about during the height of winter, when the colder temperatures make it tough to get out? Well, we have you covered with some fun ideas to get you out!

Sure, things like dining out at any of the vast restaurants in town, or maybe shopping at boutique stores, are typical recommendations when it’s too cold to be outside, but our list below is specific to Red Bank. Without any further wait, here are 7 fun indoor activities you can do when it’s cold out in Red Bank!

Grab tickets to Two River Theater’s various Broadway-level plays

Two River Theater is one of the many driving sources in Red Bank when it comes to the arts! And when it’s cold outside, you can’t go wrong with grabbing tickets to any of its current productions. In fact, its latest one, El Coquí Espectacular & the Bottle of Doom, is running from January 6th to February 4th.



Test out your sleuthing skills at The Trap Door Escape Room

If you have a knack for solving clues, then you’ll surely find some fun indoors while staying warm trying to solve the clues over at The Trap Door Escape Room’s latest experience, Bogeyman!

Paint your own work of art at Pinot’s Palette

Pinot’s Palette is another place in Red Bank where you can have fun indoors while staying warm. The art studio frequently holds several classes where you can paint your own work of art, as well as open sessions when you can just come in to paint. And yes, you can bring your favorite refreshments to any of its classes.

Watch a flick over at Bow Tie Cinemas

You can pass the time staying warm, of course, by watching a flick over at Bow Tie Cinemas in Red Bank. It might be a smaller theater, which means its selection is limited compared to others, but hey, you can pass the time at least without freezing.

Catch a show or act over at Count Basie Theatre

On weekends, Count Basie Theatre is often buzzing with its various shows. From bands playing to a packed house, to more intimate shows, Count Basie Theatre has plenty of fun things happening when it’s cold outside on the weekends.

Paint pottery at A Time to Kiln

Painting can definitely help you to stay relaxed, which is exactly what you’ll get painting pottery over at A Time to Kiln. Offering a wide range of pottery selections to paint, you can even stay warm and pass the time with one of your favorite beverages. And if you prefer more of a group setting, they offer various painting classes as well!

Preview the works of art over at Detour Gallery

If you have a love for the arts, then you’ll want to take a visit to Detour Gallery. While staying warm, you can peruse its vast collections of artwork, ranging from paintings to sculptures, you can spend quite a bit of time covering its entire selection indoors.

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