Our photos from Riverbank Antique’s sip, shop, & mingle event

Riverbank Antiques held a fun sip, shop, and mingle event on Friday night, December 1st, which was also co-hosted by Carla Gizzi Jewelry and Home Decor. And we stopped by to check it out!

Riverbank Antiques 51 of 58
Riverbank Antiques is located at 169 West Front Street.

There were plenty of delicious lite bites and drinks served at this event, ranging from sweet pastries to cheese platters and everything else in between. In addition to the wide range of food there, you got the chance to sip on some refreshments and shop through the stores vast collection!

Featuring several rooms filled with antiques, each room had its sort of theme going on. Don’t forget to check out all the photos we snapped during the event below!

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