Our coverage of Two River Theater’s Halloween Ball II

Two River Theater’s second annual Halloween Ball was held last night, October 22nd, transforming the theater to a scary circus themed venue.

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Parting under the big top at Two River Theater’s Halloween Ball II.

Partygoers were treated to an assortment of fun at the Halloween Ball. From the comfort foods, to the desserts later on, and even a decor to match the ambiance of being under the big top, the Halloween Ball didn’t disappoint one bit. And the best part were all the attendees in their costumes!

You’d hardly believe that it was a theater, thanks in part to the meticulous design, decorations, and props that were featured throughout the theater to really give it that scary Halloween feel!

Two River Theater Halloween Ball 2017 23 of 78
The scary circus theme was featured everywhere at the theater.

If you missed out on the festivities, don’t worry because the photos below will give you a preview of what happened. And you know what? There’s always next year as well, so keep that in mind!



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