The Boondocks Fishery: A yummy finale farewell

Not only do we say goodbye to the warmer temperatures and pleasant weather at summer’s end, but we also have to send a fond farewell to one of Red Bank’s finest seafood joint.

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The Boondocks Fishery is located at 1 Wharf Avenue.

The Boondocks Fishery was open for its final night of the season on Thursday, September 21st, so we were there to dine in one last time. In fact, they won’t open up again until the spring.

Being the last night and all, it was only appropriate to order its Lobster dinner, which is arguably the signature dish on the menu, since it comes with TWO lobsters, corn, and potatoes for $26.95!

Check out all the pictures from its final night, but be prepared to swing by opening day in the spring!


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