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On-the-road travels: Dessert time at Coney Waffles Ice Cream

Yes, we know that Labor Day weekend is behind us, but there’s still time to enjoy summer. Technically speaking, the official last day of summer is September 22nd, which happens to fall on a Friday. Until then, it simply means more time to enjoy ice cream!

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Coney Waffles Ice Cream is located at 24 Centenniel Drive in Long Branch, NJ.
And that’s exactly what we did in one of our on-the-road travels not too long ago, taking us to Coney Waffles Ice Cream over in Pier Village at Long Branch, NJ. As the name so happens to imply, its speciality are these waffle ice cream treats you can try.


Not only do they have the usual ice cream selections, such as milkshakes and sundaes, you can go big by trying out any of the selections from its “sideshow” menu. If you want to be astounded by something different and grand, then you’ve got to try one of them. For our visit, however, we simply went for some ice cream on a waffle cone and its specialty brownie waffle with ice cream on top of it!

Check out all the pictures to see what you’ll get into if you happen to visit it.


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