Robinson Ale House: Fish & Carbonara

If you’re not the type to indulge early on during the work week, then mid-week is a great compromise, which is exactly what we decided to do last week.

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Intimate atmosphere at the table tops by the bar.

Our visit took us to The Robinson Ale House in Red Bank, located at 26 Broad Street. While outdoor seating is available during the summer when temperatures are ideal, indoor seating provides an ambiance that doesn’t disappoint either.

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There’s plenty of wine to choose from.

For this late nighttime outing, we tried out two dishes on its menu. The first is fish and chips, which is beer battered cod served with a roast pepper aioli sauce and french fries. And for those looking for something a little bit more creamy and filling, there’s the baked cavatappi carbonara, which is made up of bacon, onion, peas, egg, parmesan, and pasta, in a white wine cream sauce.

As always, check out our photos to see what you’re in for if you decide on checking out The Robinson Ale House.


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