Luigi’s Ice Cream Rolls: A unique spin on ice cream


Luigi’s in Red Bank is still fairly new, having just recently grand opened earlier this summer, just in time for the summertime rush. And so far, it seems as though people are gravitating towards what the ice cream shop has to offer.

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Luigi’s opened its doors for the first time earlier this summer.

Beyond the usual ice cream cones and sundaes you can get almost anywhere, what made Luigi’s Ice Cream stand out was its Creamy buns – the combination of ice and a donut mixed into one. If you haven’t tried one, you’re missing out on some great indulgence!

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Say hello to Luigi’s Creamy Buns, one of its specialty desserts.

In our latest visit, however, we tried out Luigi’s newest concoction; its ice cream rolls. What’s amazing about these ice cream rolls is its preparation, which is made to order in front of your eyes. As they pour the ingredients and mix them up on the frigid cold surface, the ice cream proceeds to harden – allowing them to scrape the ice cream into these ‘rolls‘ of sorts.

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Preperation of Luigi’s latest concoction, the ice cream rolls.

Topped off with some other tasty treats, this is one dessert you’ll want to make sure you have room for in your belly! Check out the photos below from our recent visit, but also don’t forget to watch our video above.


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