iPlay America: Indoor theme park for all ages

Theme parks are fun, that’s unless some dark and stormy clouds are roaming through the area – that pretty much puts the kibosh on all the fun. And then there’s iPlay America, which is located in Freehold, NJ.

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You’ll find a ton of arcade games at iPlay America.

For our latest on-the-road adventure, we checked out the much-lauded indoor theme park, featuring an assortment of fun activities ranging from go-kart races, laser tag, arcade games, food, and much more. Don’t worry, you’ll find something there that you’ll enjoy.

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Hungry? There’s a restaurant at your service.

In addition to the games and rides, it wouldn’t be a theme park without all the theme park food. It also features its own restaurant, offering full bar service for patrons, as well as some gourmet food. Rates for iPlay America will vary depending on what you choose, but they offer unlimited access to rides, in addition to rates for pay as you go.

Check out all the action in our photos below!


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